Pressure Roof Cleaning



Professional High Pressure Cleaning for your roof is used to sweep and clean the tough, exterior surface of your roof. It is a method that can also be used to clean paving and even garage doors. It is the perfect way to clean away seasonal debris build-up, weather damage, and give the roof and paving around your home or business premises a new lease on life.

A pressure roof cleaning service – also called hydro-cleaning – is an extremely safe and effective way to clean and renew outdoor surfaces. The water is propelled at very high speed which sloughs and cleans the surface thoroughly. It is the best known way to clean engrained dirt and debris such as dirt, leaves, mould, lichen, and moss, from your domestic or commercial exteriors.

High pressure cleaning is not just for the roof of your home or building, it’s a great way to remove flaking paint from walls and exterior fixtures, peeling sealants and membranes off your decking and paving, and keep concrete walkways under the eaves of your roof free from encroaching garden foliage. High pressure cleaning also removes mud splatters from walls and fencing and moss, mould, and lichen off the roof exterior.

If you need to seal the paving or paint the roof of your house, that old layer of sealant or roof paint has to go. When you need to remove old paint and sealant beforehand, high pressure cleaning is the fastest and most time-saving method of doing it. Why it is so effective is because high pressure cleaning combines the force of pressure with the cleaning and scraping properties of water. This combines to remove all dirt and build-up from the surface.

Grime Fighters use different types of high pressure cleaning equipment.  

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The high pressure cleaner using hot water is highly effective in removing grease and staining caused by dirt locked in with grease. You might have seen this method used to clean commercial kitchens. Most residential high pressure cleaning requires the use of industrial strength cold water cleaners. But only when we have assessed the staining on your building’s roof do we decide which high pressure cleaning method will suit your roof best.

The good news is high pressure cleaning your roof is environmentally friendly! We don’t need to use harsh chemicals or detergents – the high pressure water does it all for us. And when we say high pressure, we mean it. Our equipment ejects water at an extremely high rate, that’s why all our staff are professionally trained.

A lot more water is required during ordinary cleaning methods. High pressure water spray cleans tough surfaces and removes tough stains – and uses less water to do it. All we need for our system to operate and our staff to come and do their job is a constant source of water flow. This will ensure our equipment works and our staff can clean your roof, paving, driveway, or fencing in the shortest possible time.

We can set our high pressure water equipment to different strengths: from spraying and rinsing all the way up to the strongest jet stream to remove stains and debris.

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