Window Cleaning



If there’s one maintenance chore that makes a homeowner, tenant, or commercial premises overseer reluctant to do themselves, it has to be window cleaning.

There are so many steps to be taken before your windows are display-worthy: washing, squeegeeing, buffering, and drying – not to mention the expensive equipment and time-consuming effort. Or you could just give Grime Fighters a call.

Grime Fighters offer a professional window cleaning service for both domestic / residential and commercial / business properties.

Believe us when we make you this promise – the interior and exterior of your home or work place will be lightened and brightened after we clean your windows for you. This is because our advanced window pressure cleaning system is guaranteed to make your windows sparkle like you’ve never seen them do so before!

Our secret is a combination of high-quality window cleaning solution and the professional training our staff undergo. We aren’t satisfied until you are 100% happy with the outcome.

Let’s get cleaning those windows today! You can call us direct or fill in our contact form. Basic services start from only $150 – and as many of our customers tell us, when it comes to time and labour saving, plus the brilliant results, Grime Fighters are affordable and effective.


Why choose Grime Fighters professional window pressure cleaning?


  • Our staff is fully trained in how to safely and effectively clean windows for both commercial and residential properties
  • No streaks, no drips, and no chemical build-up
  • Debris and cobwebs removed, not just the accumulation of dirt on the window’s glass surface
  • Sills, window trim, and frames cleaned and wiped
  • Because all our work is done by fully trained, professional cleaners, it’s finished quicker – leaving you to go back to your daily routine with no further disruption

Speak to us about pressure cleaning your gutters too!

Home, business premises, and the office are where you invest a considerable portion of your time. At work, you spend time thinking and staring out the windows; at home, you are spending quality time with your friends and family. So, when you thing about it, brightening an interior space by getting the windows professionally cleaned makes sense.

When the exterior of your windows is sparkling clean, it makes the interior an inviting place be. Grime Fighters do the job in a cost-effective and timely manner because we understand the importance of keeping the glass in your windows healthy: no mould, no debris build-up, and no damage to the trim.

Did you know that the glass on your windows actually has tiny blemishes on it that can capture dirt? That’s why when water and raindrop run-off settle on the glass, it causes staining and streaking. When the water is left to engrain itself and mix with the dirt trapped there, it causes hard water stains. Only routine professional window cleaning maintenance will help prevent the water and minerals for staining the glass and damaging window trim.

All external cleaning is executed by pressure water fed by treated water. Interiors are done using the more traditional squeegee and other manual accessories.

Don’t do window cleaning yourself – leave it to the professionals at Grime Fighters.

We are extremely proud of our company’s safety record.